2013 Congressional Research Survey 2 - v2

Why Your Participation In This Survey Will Make a Difference »

2013 Congressional Research Survey
of 10,000,000 Christian Voters on the Role of Faith in American Public Life


Dear Friend of Liberty,

This may well be the largest survey of Christian opinion ever conducted. So you can be sure the results will be studied carefully by America's political leaders and will receive wide media coverage.
We will deliver a comprehensive report on the results of this survey to:

  • Members of Congress and their key staff;
  • President Obama, his top advisors and cabinet members;
  • All 50 Governors and state lawmakers;
  • The nine Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court;
  • Federal judges;
  • The news media;
  • Radio talk show hosts and opinion columnists; and
  • Influential news websites and blogs.

The purpose of this survey is to . . .

1) Send a clear message to our nation's leaders that America's Christians are outraged and dismayed by our government's 50-year war on the moral and religious values that built America;

2) Send a clear message to the National Republican Establishment not to abandon the social and moral issues that tens of millions of Christian and pro-family Americans care so much about; and

3) Help us identify, educate and mobilize tens of millions of Christians to send a clear message to Congress, President Obama and leaders in government that we want an immediate STOP to our government's War on Christianity, the traditional family and the moral values that made America great.

Please be sure to complete the Important Donation Reply Section at the bottom of this form to help FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION fund this "Save America Campaign" I've described to you here.

Dr. Ralph Reed
Dr. Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman, FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION

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